When Markets Decline

Stay Cool!

It's been a rough first quarter for markets around the world.

Inflation, war in Ukraine and continuing supply chain disruptions are impacting a wide variety of investments.

As always, the solution for successful investors is not in the realm of economic or geopolitical forecasts. It's a combination of perspective and patience.

Here's a less-than-two-minute review of this important concept.

Planning versus Predictions

Focus on what you CAN control

We’re in peak season of bold predictions about economies, interest rates and inflation.

My advice: Ignore all of that noise. We have no control over it anyway.

A better use of your time is to schedule a FINANCIAL PLAN review with me.
Why? There may be significant events or changes in your life that could impact your financial plan and future well-being. For example:

Wants vs. Needs

Track, tag and plan for them

Tracking expenses
Everywhere you look (and click), someone is trying to convince you that they have exactly what you NEED to make your life complete. How do you defend yourself against the constant barrage of emotional-button-pushing?

Here’s a habit to help you reduce short-term impulse buys, and strategically taking advantage of seasonal sales, while maintaining your long-term wealth building perspective.

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